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January 19th

Custom Hanging Basket Class 2016

Class Notes handout and information for each class attendee!





Have you ever wanted to pick out specific plants for your hanging baskets at home? Or even just a certain color scheme?? Well here’s your chance!!  Come join us on February 6th for our annual custom hanging basket class!




This class gives you the opportunity to customize your hanging baskets for 2016 but it is also much more than just choosing flowers and colors to put in your basket.










Bauman's Farm and Gardens annual custom hanging basket class Gervais OR





During this class we teach you the in’s and out’s of hanging baskets. We begin by talking about the different sizes of baskets that are available and the pro’s and con’s to each one. From there we move into many of our proven tips and tricks on how to raise the most beautiful baskets on the block! We let you in on our fertilizing,

trimming, dead heading (or lack there of), and watering strategies.










We also talk about potential pests, diseases and other problems that can effect your basket throughout the year and teach you the best ways to take care of these problems.

We introduce you to some products that are easily available to you that we have tested on our own baskets, which ones worked great…and which ones didn’t quite pass the test. Some of these products we carry here at the farm and others are products you can pick up at Walmart, Fred Meyer, Lowes or any other place you get gardening supplies.




Cherry Star and Lemon Slice Calibrachoa, both of which were new varieties for 2013 hanging baskets and are returning for the 2014 season!



Next we move into new colors and plant varieties that will be available for the coming season and we also discus the top hanging basket combinations from last year that were voted on by our customers.


We go over with you what varieties and colors go great together in baskets, and which do better by themselves. We also discuss which plants do better in very hot, windy, dry, or humid climates.








Once we have taught you everything you need to know…….its time for the fun part!! Choosing varieties and designing your baskets! We have multiple staff members and other industry professionals on hand to answer questions and help you choose the perfect pot size, plant varieties and colors for your baskets.  We draw up a custom planting sheet just for you, then we take that sheet and plant each basket by hand…put your name on it….send it out to a special greenhouse…then give it ALL the love and TLC it needs to be a true Bauman’s Farm & Garden Hanging Basket, the best baskets around!




A beautiful 12" mixed Calibrachoa Basket from 2013




We leave them in our greenhouses for a few months….then right around Mothers Day your baskets are ready to be picked up! All you have to do is give us a call when you are coming and we will have them ready to load into your car when you get here! You get to take home the baskets that you designed yourself, and we showered with TLC all spring! Everyone will be amazed and you will have the best baskets on the block!



We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the class! Again it is going to be held on Saturday February 6th at 10:00am and at 1:00pm. Please give us a call at 503-792-3524 to RSVP (not necessary but helps us to make sure we have enough space for everyone). And don’t forget the class is FREE!










See you then!


October 22nd

Bauman’s Photo Contest 2015

Pumpkin Patch PhotoOCTOBER 21 – NOVEMBER 8


It’s time for another photo contest! We know that many of you bring your families out to the pumpkin patch, and most of you come with Cameras in hand. We want to see your photos!


For this contest we are going to have 3 divisions:

1. Cute Kids….we know that sometimes you just get that most perfect shot of your kids that HAS to be shown off, here is your chance!


2. Bauman’s as Art…this is the division for those beautiful fall shots you get on the farm, here we want the pictures that you think deserve to be in a magazine or something…Pieces of ‘Bauman Art’


3. General Division…this division is for everything else, maybe a family photo or a picture of grandma and grandpa coming down the slides or an interesting picture with one of our famous painted bales…& anything else you think that is worthy of showing off :)


Please send photos to or post on our Facebook page by November 8th to be included in the competition. You MUST include which division you want each photo to be entered in, with no more then 3 photos in each division.


By November 11th the photos will be posted onto the farms Facebook page for open voting…so make sure to tell all of your friends to vote for yours!


The winner selection and prizes will be slightly different this year. There will be a ‘customers choice’ in each division that will be decided by the votes on Facebook…this person will recieve a $40 Gift Card.


There will also be a ‘Bauman’s Choice’ in each division, this winner will be chosen by the Bauman Family and will be unrelated to the Facebook votes, also a $40 Gift Card for this winner.


Lastly there will be a GRAND PRIZE winner chosen by the Bauman Family and Management Staff…the Grand Prize winner will receive a $100 Gift Card!!


A couple of rules……
1. Each person may enter no more that 3 photos in each division.
2. Photos must be taken at Bauman’s Harvest Festival in the 2015 fall season
3. All winning photos will be displayed on Bauman’s Farm & Garden Facebook and website.
4. All photo entries become the property of Bauman’s Farm & Garden and may be used in other media.


Get your cameras out and start snappin’ pictures! Good luck to you and keep your eye out for our next photo competition!

July 2nd

Hanging Basket Troubleshooting

Hello there!! Well we are in July now and we are getting to the point where you may be seeing some undesirable changes to your hanging baskets. Do you know what I’m talking about? Leaves may be yellowing, the plants may look a little gangly, or you might even have a beautiful green hanging baskets but NO BLOOMS!!


Whats going on you ask??


Am I doing something wrong?!?


No! We are just at the point of the summer where hanging baskets need a little extra TLC.


March 24th

2015 Spring Pancake Breakfast

Our 7th pancake breakfast will be held Sunday April 12th from 9-11.


It will be $5.50 for seniors and children 10 & under. and $7.50 for adults.






The breakfast will include hot, fluffy pancakes topped with your choice of delicious fruit toppings made with our own Bauman grown fruit!! It will also include sausage, bacon, eggs, donuts, & drinks!








Why a Pancake Breakfast you ask??

Because that’s what we (The Bauman’s) LOVE to do! Every Sunday morning when the store is closed we all head over to mom & dad’s (Barb & Rick) for Sunday morning breakfast…..its our time to get together and enjoy being a family, outside of work. We didn’t want to have to end our tradition because of being open on Sundays for a few months….so we decided to just invite everyone to join us!!




Sunday the 12th will be our kick off of our spring season of being open seven days a week! We are open Sundays throughout the months of April & May to better serve your gardening needs! Spring hours will be Monday-Friday 9-6 & Saturday-Sunday 9-5.






Hope all of you can make it!

See you there







February 24th

Vote for us in the Best of The Mid-Valley 2015!!

Its that time again! The Statesman Journal has begun the voting for their 2015 Best of the Mid-Valley contest!!!


This is a great program the Statesman launched a few years ago for people to vote on their favorite local businesses.  We have been nominated and need your votes to help us win!






We were lucky enough in the past few years to win awards in multiple categories….all because of our awesome customers!




We need your help again this year! We have been nominated in nine categories; we really feel very honored that people thought enough of us to nominate us in so many categories!





The list of categories we have been nominated in is as follows:


  • Best Bakery
  • Best Dessert
  • Best Place to take the kids
  • Best Place to buy Local Produce
  • Best Place to take out of town guests
  • Best Family attraction
  • Best Nursery/Garden store
  • Best Family Attraction
  • Best Pumpkin Patch


 Click Here to vote!!



You can vote one per category per day so head back there often and keep voting!

June 25th

Photo Tour – Bauman Farms Display Gardens

Have you been out to the farm lately? While you were here did you take a stroll through the garden?? If not. You should!! The garden is really becoming more beautiful by the day!


There is some HUGE lavender thats just bursting into bloom right now, along with lilies, clematis, and hydrangeas…the fig tree is showing fruit, the pond plants are blooming, and theres even some wildlife to be seen! It’s certainly a step out of reality if you ask me!



Heres a little photo tour of the garden from this week :)


May 27th

Slugs In the Garden

Every year people ask us how we keep our gardens & flower beds looking so good and free of pests…..


Well guess what?! We aren’t perfect either! I planted my own flower beds with lots of calibrachoas about 2 weeks ago and was SO excited…..that is until a few days ago…. I walked out the front door and went OH NO!!


THIS is what I saw………


Control Slugs In the Garden

Control Slugs In the Garden


My calibrachoas had been eaten down to the stem…. many of them with no blooms or leaves left..WHOOPS! Blame it on the new 6 week old baby in the house or some other factor but I had never noticed that something was making a meal of all my beautiful flowers!


What is going on I wondered…soooo I did some investigating and it didn’t take me long to realize what the culprit was…… see if you can tell just by looking at these next photos….


Control Slugs In the Garden


See that shiny yucky slime trailing from leaf to leaf….Yes that right, its SLUG SLIME! UGH! How did I miss this!? (again Im going to blame it on the new baby in the house ;) …its all her fault!)



Slugs leave jagged bite marks out of blooms and leaves that look very similar to the damage done by cutworms later in the season so the best way to determine which pest your dealing with is to see if you can find any of the shiney slime that slugs/snails leave behind.


Once you’ve determined that its slugs or snails you’re dealing with you have a couple of options to get rid of them…..I went with what I thought to be the easiest route…Slug Bait! Here at the farm we sell Sluggo


Sluggo Slug/Snail Killer

This slug control contains iron phosphate and remains effective up to 4 weeks. The slug control breaks down into organic fertilizer and can be used around pets and other wildlife. It remains effective after rain and works well in cool weather.

  • Contains iron phosphate to kill snails and slugs
  • 0.5 – 1 lb. treats up to 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Use in vegetable gardens up until the day of harvest
  • Safe around pets and wildlife for worry-free application
  • Breaks down into organic fertilizer
  • OMRI listed organic

I just sprinkled this all around my flower beds and am already seeing great results…new leaves and flower buds are popping up all over the place and ARENT getting eaten this time!


Another option to get rid of those nasty little buggers is to make a beer trap. Check out this site with great info on creating your own!

Slug Off!



How do you get rid of slugs and snails?? Leave a comment with your favorite method!!


Well, hopefully this helps you solve some of your garden problems this summer. If not dont ever hesitate to give us a call or to come in with any of your flower & gardening questions …we are always here to help!!



Until next time!



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March 21st

Spring Container Gardening Class

Next Saturday, March 29th at 1:00 we will be holding our annual spring container gardening class. In this class we will show you how to choose the perfect plants to create the perfect spring color patio container for your front porch or patio! This class is completely free to attend, so give us a call at 503-792-3524 and get signed up today!


If you want a sneak peek into what you will learn at the class…or will not be able to make it to the class, check out this spring planter ‘how to’ posting we created for you!


If you are like me….then you CANNOT wait for spring and summer to come….we are at the end of March now and I am just itching to see color start showing in my flower beds. Although its still too early to put any summer annuals out in the garden there are still things you can do to brighten up your outdoor space!


One of the quickest, easiest, & most beautiful ways to do that right now is early color container gardening! I went out in the greenhouse yesterday and asked Mary to help me put together a step by step guide so that you can plant your own colorful spring containers!


All of the products we used are available here at the farm and at other local nurseries :)  ….Lets get started!!!


First off…head on out to the nursery and pick up your supplies, you will need:

  • A container…any size/color will do
  • Plant material
  • Soil
  • & a pair of gardening gloves.


When choosing the plant material for your container be sure to think of these three things….. Thriller, Filler, & Spiller. These are the 3 most important parts to ANY container….


  1. First choose your thriller…this should be your eye catcher in your container and is usually the largest plant you choose; We have chosen the early spring blooming Senetti for ours.
  2. Next comes your spiller…..your spiller should be a plant that is going to ‘spill’ or trail over the edge of your pot. This gives the container a lot more character and depth. We have chosen a Vinca Vine
  3. Then lastly…your fillers. These are just what they sound like…plants to fill the remaining space in your container. We have chosen a mix of spring blooming bulbs for our pot…tulips, daffodils, & a hyacinth.


You are almost ready to start planting now….but first…..say it with me…. Thriller……Filler…… Spiller. Got it??? One more time, Thriller, Filler, & Spiller! Ok NOW you are ready to get planting!


To start, take your soil and fill your pot, leaving about 4″ at the top of the container


Spring container planting tutorial @Bauman Farms in Gervais OR

Next comes a VERY helpful tip….place your plants IN THEIR POTS into your container…by doing this you are able to figure out first of all how many plants you will need to fill your container, and second you can rearrange them to get the color combination & patterns that you like without damaging the roots.


Spring container planting tutorial @Bauman Farms in Gervais OR

Once you have decided on a design for your container it’s time to start planting! An easy way to get your plants out of their pot without harming them is to turn them upside down. Make sure to support the plant at the base….then a gentle squeeze and pull and the pot should pop right off!


Spring container planting tutorial @Bauman Farms in Gervais ORSpring container planting tutorial @Bauman Farms in Gervais OR

Sometimes as you are taking plants out of their pots you will discover that their roots have grown quite tightly along the edges of the pot…we call this a root ball….thats ok! What you need to do when you see this is to very carefully take your fingers and loosen up the ball. By loosening up the root ball you a re making it easier for the plant to extend its roots and establish itself in your container.


Spring container planting tutorial @Bauman Farms in Gervais ORSpring container planting tutorial @Bauman Farms in Gervais OR

Finish placing your last few plants into your container.


Spring container planting tutorial @Bauman Farms in Gervais OR

Once you have all of your plants in your container its time to fill it up….take your hand and gently lift up the foliage of your plants, take handfuls of soil and fill in the holes that are remaining in between your plants… Once you have all of your holes filled, make sure to give your container a good drink of water, this will help all of the plants settle into place.


Spring container planting tutorial @Bauman Farms in Gervais ORSpring container planting tutorial @Bauman Farms in Gervais OR

If you want to add the perfect finishing touch to your container….find a perfect little piece of garden art to add! We have chosen this super cute little ladybug. But you can also choose a seasonal decoration…maybe a little bunny or some colorful eggs for Easter, or a shamrock for St Patricks Day. This is a great way to add a really personal touch to your container.


Spring container planting tutorial @Bauman Farms in Gervais OR

Now all you have to do is place the pot by your front door and enjoy it!! That was easy wasn’t it!?!? Now lets all thank Mary for her help :)


“Thanks Mary!!!”

Spring container planting tutorial @Bauman Farms in Gervais OR

If you had good luck with this tutorial….check back in for more fun gardening ‘How To’s” throughout the year!


See you soon!



March 13th

Baumans Great Buy; Weekly Deals Email Program


If you were a part of the Great Buy Program last year this has got to be music to your ears…however, if you are unfamiliar with the program then prepare for me to make your day!


Baumans’ Great Buy is a program that we started two years ago. If you choose to join the program you will receive an email once a week through spring and into summer  with details for the great buy that week. (more…)

March 11th

Spring Pancake Breakfast at Baumans

Our 4th pancake breakfast will be held Sunday April 6th from 9-11.


It will be $5.50 for seniors and children 10 & under. and $7.50 for adults.