March 13th

Baumans Great Buy; Weekly Deals Email Program


If you were a part of the Great Buy Program last year this has got to be music to your ears…however, if you are unfamiliar with the program then prepare for me to make your day!


Baumans’ Great Buy is a program that we started two years ago. If you choose to join the program you will receive an email once a week through spring and into summer  with details for the great buy that week. These items are not sale or clearance items. We have worked closely and diligently with local growers and producers to purchase items in bulk at highly discounted prices….because of this we are able to pass these amazing savings onto you. Through 2013 we had items with prices up to 87% less than what they are retailed for elsewhere.



The Great Buy email will be in your inbox on Tuesday with the sale starting at 9:00am on Wednesday mornings. This sale will go as long as supplies last….this could be 2 days…it could be 1 month. We have heard some compare this program to “One Day Only” Sales that other retailers put on….this however is completely different…these products are not on “Sale” … they are brought in especially for the program and will ALWAYS be priced for the great buy, they will not be marked up then discounted just for a day :)



We also believe that because this great buy lasts more than one day it really makes it easy for anyone to find time to come out and get access to these great deals, no matter when you have to work!

Weekly Great Buy Program @Bauman Farms in Gervais OR



Great buy emails for 2014 will begin next week so keep an eye on your inbox!!




Click here to head over to our website and get signed up for the program…Trust me, you wont regret it!!



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