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February 19th

Savory Sampling Day

Savory Sampling Day at Bauman Farms in Gervais OR

Its February….do you know what that means?!? Its time for Savory Sampling Day!!!



Never heard of Savory Sampling Day?? Thats ok, you will soon grow to love it!



We all love to try new things right!?!? Of Course! But do you find yourself saying “Do I reeealllyy want to spend $4 for a jam of Tayberry Preserves when I don’t even know what it tastes like? If I buy this, take it home to try it, and don’t like it then I just wasted $4!!”


Or how about this one…. “I love pie, all kinds of pie….but I don’t know which kinds I like best!”


Or this one…”Does sugarfree REALLY taste as good as a full sugar product??”


We all face these questions don’t we? Every time I walk into a grocery store or even a restaurant I hesitate to try something new…and THATS the exact reason we started Savory Sampling Day!



February 18th

Winter Wonderland On The Farm

I am little behind in getting these posted but I wanted to make sure I shared them with everyone anyway! As most of you know we had a stretch of some crazy weather here in the last few weeks….with SNOW! We NEVER get to see snow! We were pretty excited about it around here. We ended up getting a total of around 12-13″.



As the snow was just starting to melt, and the freezing rain was just starting I ventured out around the farm to snap some photos of the stunning beauty of the place all blanketed in snow!



As much as we love the snow it also brings a HUGE work load for the guys out back….When we get large amounts of snow it piles up on top of the plastic roofs of the greenhouses and creates a VERY heavy load for the support beams that hold the houses up. We had a crew working late into the night for a few nights making sure to get all of the snow knocked down from the tops of the greenhouses to keep them from collapsing. They did great and we didnt lose a single plant or greenhouse through this storm!! Bravo Boys!!




February 8th

Fresh, Handmade, Delicious…Cinnamon Rolls!

Fresh baked Cinnamon Rolls at Bauman Farms In Gervais OR Cinnamon Rolls…..I don’t know about you but just hearing those two words sends my mind spinning! I hear that and instantly say “mmmmmm” (or at least I think it) and my mind is filled with a picture of a hot, buttery, pastry swirled with all sorts of cinnamon-y gooey goodness!