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June 27th

Whats for dinner….Broccoli!!!

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Two Whats for Dinners posts in one week this week…..and it may be that way for the next few weeks because there are SO many things that are coming in fresh from the fields right now! So for today we are going to talk about Broccoli!



Broccoli...its whats for dinner Bauman Farms Gervais OR


Fun Facts:

  1.  Broccoli originated in Italy off of the Mediterranean. It has been eaten there since the time of the ancient Romans in the 6th Century BC.
  2.   Broccoli is a member of the cabbage family, making it a cruciferous vegetable. It’s name is derived from the Italian word broccolo, meaning the flowering top of a cabbage.
  3.   Want something high in Vitamin C but don’t feel like eating fruit? Broccoli is very high in Vitamin C, making 1 cup of chopped broccoli the Vitamin C equivalent of an orange. One cup of raw chopped broccoli will give you your entire daily needed intake.
  4. California produces almost all the broccoli sold in the USA. Americans eat an average of 4# broccoli a year that’s 900% more than 20 years ago!
  5. Broccoli is high in fiber. Not only in soluble fiber but insoluble as well. Since your body needs both types, it’s great to know that broccoli is can fulfill both your needs.
  6.  Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of the United States, was a fan of broccoli, importing the seeds from Italy to plant at Monticello. He recorded planting the vegetable there as early as May of 1767.



Nutritional Info:





Cooking Tips:


Broccoli can be cooked using several methods. Some common methods are steaming, boiling, sautéing, stir frying, and microwaving. Broccoli should be cooked until they are tender-crisp. Before starting to prepare the broccoli, rinse the head thoroughly in cold water and remove any wilted or damaged leaves. After the broccoli has been cut, soak it in salt water or vinegar water to help force any insects out that are lodged within the florets.

  • Do not overcook broccoli. Overcooking will cause it to break apart, lose its color, diminish its taste, and will cause the lose of many nutrients.
  • If adding broccoli to a cold salad, first blanch in boiling water for 2 minutes and then immediately rinse with cold water. Blanching for a short period of time will bring out the flavor of the broccoli and brightens its color.
  • Enhance the flavor of broccoli with flavored butter, lemon juice, flavored vinegar, or seasonings, such as basil, dill, caraway seed, oregano, tarragon, and thyme.
  • For a flavorful side dish, cover broccoli with a cheese sauce and brown under the broiler.
  • When selecting broccoli, be aware that the stronger its smell the older it is.
  • Peeling the fibrous outer layer of the broccoli’s stalk makes it easier to digest.
  • Throwing a few chunks of bread into the water when cooking broccoli will help remove the smell.
  • One pound of broccoli equals 2 cups cut up. One 10 oz. frozen package equals 1 1/2 cups chopped.




Beef Broccoli


Beef Broccoli


broccoli wrap 10-12


Broccoli Cheddar Braid


Broccoli quiche


Broccoli Quiche

Hope that was a little inspiration for you!! Dont forget to check out the rest of our Whats for Dinner posts too!!





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June 25th

Whats for dinner….Carrots!!

This week on Whats for Dinner we have one of my personal favorites….. CARROTS!!


Fun Facts:

  • Carrots are the second most popular type of vegetable after potatoes.
  • The biggest carrot recorded is more than 19 pounds and the longest is over 19 feet!
  • There are over 100 species of carrots.
    Some are big. Some are small and they come in a variety of colors including: orange, purple, white, yellow, and red.
  • English women in the 1600’s often wore carrot leaves in their hats in place of flowers or feathers.
  • The name “carrot” comes from the Greek word “karoton.”
    The beta-carotene that is found in carrots was actually named for the carrot itself!
  • The average American eats about 12 pounds of carrots a year.
    That’s only one cup per week. We could easily triple that with great benefits if we were also eating a variety of other vegetables.


Cooking Tips:

Carrots can be eaten raw or cooked, but cooking carrots brings out their natural sweetness. Cooking carrots also breaks down the fiber in beta-carotene, making it more usable to the body. Carrots can be cooked using several methods. Some common methods are steaming, boiling, braising, roasting, sautéing, stir frying, and microwaving. Carrots should be cooked only until they are tender-crisp to ensure maximum flavor. Overcooking may also destroy some of the nutrients contained in carrots. It is important that the carrots, whether they are whole, sticks, slices, or diced cubes, are uniform size pieces to allow them to cook evenly.

  • When cooking carrots be sure to cut the pieces as close as possible to the same size so that they will cook evenly.
  • Enhance the naturally sweet flavor of carrots by adding a little honey or sugar when cooking.
  • When cutting pieces or slicing carrots, cut diagonally to expose more surface. This will allow the carrot to cook more quickly.
  • Carrots that have become limp can be soaked in ice water to make them crisp again.
  • Peeled carrots will sometimes develop a dry, white coating when being stored. If they seem to be acceptable otherwise, the carrots can be rehydrated by soaking in cold water for a short period of time. This should rid the carrots of the white coating and bring them back to their original color.
  • One pound of fresh carrots equals 6 to 8 medium carrots, 24 to 34 baby carrots, 2 1/2 cups shredded, and 3 cups sliced or chopped.


Nutritional Facts:

Carrots Nutrition Facts Bauman Farms Gervais OR




onion bacon carrots



Onion-Bacon Baby Carrots Recipe 






Bourbon Carrots




We have tub after tub after tub of our own fresh carrots coming in every morning right now, they are SOO sweet and delicious! I’ve been pinning some great recipes to our Pinterest page so make sure you check it out!



Also! Dont forget to check out the rest of our Whats For Dinner Posts!








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June 5th

Kid’s Summer Class Schedule

We have been asked by of you many for a set of classes here at the farm that are just for kids. We have worked hard this year to create a special hands-on and interactive kids program that will run all summer long with great new activities happening every weekend!


All of the classes are designed to be informative, fun, & interactive and are sure to have your kids talking about them for weeks to follow! They are $5 per child and all begin at 10am on Saturday morning, each child participating must RSVP prior to the class. Please give us a call @ 503-792-3524 or email (include child’s name and age) to RSVP.


Baumans Kids Camp - Farm Day Camp for Kids! Gervais OR Baumans Kids Camp - Farm Day Camp for Kids! Gervais OR


If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask! We hope to see all of you and your kids out here this summer!


Also!! Don’t forget to get them signed up for Kids Camp!


Kid’s Summer Class Schedule



Class Title

Class Description


Suggested         Child  Age

22-Jun 10:00 AM Berry Jam Making Making freezer Jam is Super fun and actually really easy. Hands on class for kids to learn how to make jam and everyone goes home with a jar of their own. $5 8yrs – 11yrs
29-Jun 10:00 AM Ice Cream Making Join us as we pass down the Bauman secret for homemade Ice Cream. Fun for the whole family. $5 5yrs and older
27-Jul 10:00 AM Composting and Soil Types Dig in as we learn how to create your own composite pile at home. What you can and can not add to your pile. Each participant will take home two pots, one with a seed planted in compost and one with a seed planted in regular soil. $5 8yrs – 11yrs
3-Aug 10:00 AM Milk Jug Gardening Join us as we learn about container vegetable gardening and recycling all in one. We will take a clean used milk jug and learn how to create an amazing vegetable garden. $5 5yrs and older
10-Aug 10:00 AM Insect Identification We will explore our display gardens and farm to pick out and identify numerous different insects.  As we find each one we will learn about how these tiny creatures help us out at the farm. $5 8yrs – 11yrs
17-Aug 10:00 AM Insect habitats Join us as we learn all about the wonderful world of Lady Bugs and build our very own lady bug habitat to take home. $5 5yrs and older
24-Aug 10:00 AM All about Chickens Chickens are becoming a popular item in households and in this class we learn all about them. From what they like to eat to how they grow we will learn a lot. $5 8yrs – 11yrs
31-Aug 10:00 AM Farm Animals We are heading out to the animal barn for this hands on class.  We will be learning about all the different farm animals at Bauman’s. We will have an art project to illustrate what we have learned. $5 5yrs and older