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May 21st

Whats for dinner….Strawberries!!!



This week on Whats for Dinner we are looking at the first fruit of the season…STRAWBERRIES!

Bauman Farms Gervais OR Yummy strawberries


Fun Facts:

  1. A strawberry has, on average, 200 seeds.
  2. Strawberries are the only fruit with seeds on the outside. It is argued that, for this reason, it cannot be considered a real berry, since berries carry seeds on the inside.
  3. Over 53 percent of seven to nine-year-olds picked strawberries as their favorite fruit.
  4. In a test, subjects who ate nitrate rich foods like strawberries, before exercising burned 100 more calories than those who did not.
  5. Strawberries are grown in all 50 states!




As we all know…the number one way to eat a strawberry is FRESH! But did you know that you can also add them in TONS of baked goods, you can freeze them, and you can dehydrate them!



Nutritional Facts:



Strawberry Nutritional Facts ... Whats for dinner Bauman farms Gervais OR









Strawberry Vinaigrette





Strawberry Lemon Sorbet





Strawberry Mojito



Here is Bauman Granddaughter Hailey from a few years back signing her little song about strawberries :)




Until next time!!

May 3rd

Kid’s Camp To the Barn & Beyond is back!

Does this warm weather have your kids dreaming about summer vacation…and do they have you stressing about what to do with the kids all summer???? Enroll them in Bauman’s Kids Camp “To the Barn & Beyond”!


Kids camp is back for its second year! Many people have emailed/called us looking for a good summer camp on the farm. Last year was a great success, and it gave us many many ideas for this year!