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February 28th

How to Plant Your Own Spring Blooming Patio Container

If you are like me….then you CANNOT wait for spring and summer to come….we are at the end of February now and I am just completely itching to see color start showing in my flower beds. Although its still too early to put any summer annuals out in the garden there are still things you can do to brighten up your outdoor space!


One of the quickest, easiest, & most beautiful ways to do that right now is early color container gardening! I went out in the greenhouse yesterday and asked Mary to help me put together a step by step guide so that you can plant your own colorful spring containers!


All of the products we used are available here at the farm and at other local nurseries :)  ….Lets get started!!!


First off…head on out to the nursery and pick up your supplies, you will need:

  • A container…any size/color will do
  • Plant material
  • Soil
  • & a pair of gardening gloves.


When choosing the plant material for your container be sure to think of these three things….. Thriller, Filler, & Spiller. These are the 3 most important parts to ANY container….


  1. First choose your thriller…this should be your eye catcher in your container and is usually the largest plant you choose; We have chosen the early spring blooming Senetti for ours.
  2. Next comes your spiller…..your spiller should be a plant that is going to ‘spill’ or trail over the edge of your pot. This gives the container a lot more character and depth. We have chosen a Vinca Vine
  3. Then lastly…your fillers. These are just what they sound like…plants to fill the remaining space in your container. We have chosen a mix of spring blooming bulbs for our pot…tulips, daffodils, & a hyacinth.


You are almost ready to start planting now….but first…..say it with me…. Thriller……Filler…… Spiller. Got it??? One more time, Thriller, Filler, & Spiller! Ok NOW you are ready to get planting!


To start, take your soil and fill your pot, leaving about 4″ at the top of the container


Spring container planting tutorial @Bauman Farms in Gervais OR

Next comes a VERY helpful tip….place your plants IN THEIR POTS into your container…by doing this you are able to figure out first of all how many plants you will need to fill your container, and second you can rearrange them to get the color combination & patterns that you like without damaging the roots.


Spring container planting tutorial @Bauman Farms in Gervais OR

Once you have decided on a design for your container it’s time to start planting! An easy way to get your plants out of their pot without harming them is to turn them upside down. Make sure to support the plant at the base….then a gentle squeeze and pull and the pot should pop right off!


Spring container planting tutorial @Bauman Farms in Gervais ORSpring container planting tutorial @Bauman Farms in Gervais OR

Sometimes as you are taking plants out of their pots you will discover that their roots have grown quite tightly along the edges of the pot…we call this a root ball….thats ok! What you need to do when you see this is to very carefully take your fingers and loosen up the ball. By loosening up the root ball you a re making it easier for the plant to extend its roots and establish itself in your container.


Spring container planting tutorial @Bauman Farms in Gervais ORSpring container planting tutorial @Bauman Farms in Gervais OR

Finish placing your last few plants into your container.


Spring container planting tutorial @Bauman Farms in Gervais OR

Once you have all of your plants in your container its time to fill it up….take your hand and gently lift up the foliage of your plants, take handfuls of soil and fill in the holes that are remaining in between your plants… Once you have all of your holes filled, make sure to give your container a good drink of water, this will help all of the plants settle into place.


Spring container planting tutorial @Bauman Farms in Gervais ORSpring container planting tutorial @Bauman Farms in Gervais OR

If you want to add the perfect finishing touch to your container….find a perfect little piece of garden art to add! We have chosen this super cute little ladybug. But you can also choose a seasonal decoration…maybe a little bunny or some colorful eggs for Easter, or a shamrock for St Patricks Day. This is a great way to add a really personal touch to your container.


Spring container planting tutorial @Bauman Farms in Gervais OR

Now all you have to do is place the pot by your front door and enjoy it!! That was easy wasn’t it!?!? Now lets all thank Mary for her help :)


“Thanks Mary!!!”

Spring container planting tutorial @Bauman Farms in Gervais OR

If you had good luck with this tutorial….check back in for more fun gardening ‘How To’s” throughout the year!


I hope you are all having a great week!!!



February 21st

Easter Egg Hunt 2013 Changes are Coming!

Ok everyone! We posted on our facebook page this morning about some big changes coming for Easter Egg Hunt 2013. We have been listening to a lot of the feedback people have given us over the past few years and completely reworked the way the Hunt will go in hopes that we can make this years hunt a truly GREAT experience for every Child and every Parent that comes!


So first I want to give you a run down of all the details…then I will break down each different piece and explain why we have chosen to do it that way!


Easter Egg Hunt @Bauman Farms Gervais OR  Easter Egg Hunt @Bauman Farms Gervais OR     Easter Egg Hunt Bauman Farms Gervais OR228684_10150238796380020_2275133_n


The Easter Egg Hunt will take place on Saturday March 30th 2013… will run from 10am until 2pm with hunts taking place every 30-60minutes.


It will take place in our display garden this year and all hunt participants are asked to gather inside the pointed roof greenhouse that is across the parking lot from the main store.


Each child will hunt and find 12 eggs. The eggs will be empty when they collect them from the garden. Once they have collected all of their 12 eggs they will bring them back into the greenhouse where they will get to CHOOSE their candy and prizes.


The ages for the hunt will stay the same as previous years, any child from 0-12yrs is welcome to participate. Parents with children 3 & under will have the option to let their child go along with the older kids or to hunt with other small children.


Tickets for the hunt will be $3 per child to participate; kids are welcome to participate in the hunt at multiple times as long as they purchase an additional ticket. Tickets will be available to purchase in advance but you are by no means required to do so. (Bauman’s is not responsible for lost/stolen tickets) Included with the purchase of an Easter Egg Hunt ticket will be our jumping pillow.


The sock hop & bug train will also be available for $3 per child for unlimited use …same as last year,   weather permitting.


Cookie decorating and lunch will be available (for an additional fee) as in years past.

Sock Hop @Bauman Farms Gervais ORBug Train @Bauman Farms Gervais OR24104_414450810019_2844892_n24104_414450825019_764961_n24104_414450840019_5250417_n


OK! So Now lets break it all down…..

  • Why are we having the hunt from 10-2 with multiple hunts?

Over the years we have had many people make comments about the time of the hunt conflicting with other local egg hunts/events and also with their childs nap time. We also have had people arrive for the hunt just a few minutes late which caused them to miss the whole thing! We think that by having hunts at multiple different times throughout the day it will make it so that every family can find a time for the hunt that works for them; Also if something comes up and you happen to be a little late…that’s OK there will be another hunt starting shortly.

  • Why are we having the hunt in the garden instead of the grass field??

There are a few different reasons, first of all, for pumpkin patch 2012 we added ‘Pumpkin Hill’ …pumpkin hill sits RIGHT in the middle of where we have always had the hunt. Also during the muddy days of October, our bug train tore up all of the grass in the field and we have been left with just a big field of dirt! And lastly, because we are having it in the garden we are able to gather inside the greenhouse which will keep us protected if it happens to be a rainy day.

  • Why are kids only allowed to collect 12 eggs?

We do this for a few different reasons, first is to help keep the cost down. We purchases thousands of eggs, toys, and candy to use for the hunt, not to mention over 150 grand prizes. This process can get very expensive very quickly. The second and most important reason is to make sure that there is plenty for everyone who wants to participate!

  • Why are the eggs going to be empty?

In the past we have have noticed that there is an issue with some children opening the eggs in the field, taking the candy/prizes out and putting the eggs back. We also have had a some issues with dietary needs that conflict with the candies that are in the eggs. By having the each child bring their eggs back into the greenhouse we are now able to guarantee that they will only be getting prizes that are suited for them as well as candies that they are able to eat. We feel that this process will make for alot happier parents and children in the end, no more boys winding up with bright pink princess toys or 1 year olds with jolly ranchers :)

  • Why will you have smaller children hunting with the older children?

We have had some concerned parents over the years because they had children that were in 2 different age groups and they were not able to watch both of their children at the same time. By doing the hunt this way, families will be able to hunt together. But don’t worry, for those of you with small children (0-3yrs) we will release them for the hunt at a separate time.





If you have any other questions please feel free to shoot me an email to or give us a call 503-792-3524


This is a completely brand new way of doing things for the Egg Hunt. We truly feel that by doing it this way we will be better able to suit every child and every family. We are constantly looking for ways to improve everyone’s experience every time they come to our farm and we hope to see you here for the hunt!


Easter Egg Hunt Bauman Farms Gervais OR


Happy Hunting!


February 20th

Monster Cookies in the Bakery

Over the past few years we have had many people asking us if we make Monster Cookies. The Bauman Bakery Babes can finally answer YES to this question! We have made lots of different recipes in the past few weeks (we were FORCED to taste test all of them too).  After voting on our favorites we wound up choosing Grandmas family recipe

Bauman Farms in Gervais OR

These cookies are packed full of M&M’s, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal and more. They are always soft and chewy…Seriously addicting! They really bring you back to hanging out at grandmas house with a big glass of milk as a kid! Come on out, grab a bag and say hello to the Bauman Bakery Babes ;)


Best Monster Cookies around!

Best cookies around!

Whats your favorite kind of cookie!? Let us know! We are always looking for new products and recipes to try!



February 20th

Take our Pumpkin Patch Customer Survey

It make only be February 20th but we are already in high gear starting to get ready for Fall Harvest Festival & Pumpkin Patch 2013! Can you believe it!?!?

Every year we try to come up with new ideas and to improve the Fall Harvest experience…the best way that we come up with ideas is by listening to you!  If you have a few minutes please head on over and take our Pumpkin Patch 2012 customer survey….we have put together this short survey to help us figure out the things that YOU are looking for, the things that you like, and most importantly the things you DONT like or the things that you think we could improve on for next year. This survey is completely anonymous so please let us know how you feel because without your opinions helping us improve…we wouldn’t be here!

This survey is just for pumpkin patch and harvest festival activities. We plan to release new surveys soon for other events that happen throughout the year. Thank you SO much for your help and your feedback! We really appreciate it!

Take the Survey Here!


Cant wait to see you for Fall Harvest 2013!